the right frames and
sunglasses - for all
the right reasons

At Richard Banks Optometrist we concentrate on bringing you frames and sunglasses that are not only interesting and fashionable, but well-designed and well-made.

We've solved the classic dilemma: not everything bearing a designer's name is of the highest quality - while many quality products can fall short when it comes to fashion and looks.

We bring you the best of both worlds offering you the very best from well-established companies which specialise in designing and making glasses that combine top quality with the right look.

The best glasses are still designed and hand-made using traditional skills in Europe and Japan; in many cases at workshops operated by the same family for generations. Recently there have emerged some new quality brands from the USA, and some great new designs from Australia.

If you are searching for something different from the same old lookalike offerings of franchised chains or multi-practice groups, you're sure to find it at Richard Banks Optometrist.

Check them out now to see some of the main brands available from Richard Banks Optometrist, with links to their websites. These will give you an idea of the sheer variety and number of styles available.

A bit confused by the choice? We'll be happy to help you make the right choice. And you can be sure we'll spend the time - we realise how important it is!