Great glasses are nothing
without quality lenses

We only use lenses from laboratories which have demonstrated to us that they can be made and fitted accurately, and that their coatings will last the distance.

Our experience enables us to fit the most appropriate lens for the prescription and frame type, to provide the best optical correction and appearance of the finished pair of glasses.
All lenses are hard-coated to maximise scratch resistance. They are also anti-reflection coated where appropriate, to enhance vision and lens appearance.

We can specify aspheric and high-index lenses to reduce thickness and weight. Most of our multifocal lenses incorporate the latest in 'free-form' digital technology, which improves peripheral vision, and makes for easier use & quicker adaptation.

We also make polarised prescription sunglasses incorporating wrapped or curved lenses (although there may be limitations on some prescriptions).

Some of the quality brands of lenses we use and recommended include:

  • Hoya
  • Essilor
  • Shamir
  • Rodenstock